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Opening Ceremony for New Students of MA Program of Chinese Philosophy at School of Philosophy and Government, SNNU

Author: Wang Jing [Date]: 2020-10-14 [Source]: [ClickTime]:


The opening ceremony for new students of Master Program of Chinese Philosophy was held at 3223 lecture hall on October 9th in Wenlan Building C by School of Philosophy and Government(SPG). Professor Zheng Hairong, Dean of Graduate School, Mr. Zhu Weiqiang, Director of International Students Office, Ms. Li Jing, secretary of International Students Office, Dr. Shi Kai, associate professor from school of international studies, Dr. Li Ya qi and Dr. Li Zhekai from school of Chinese language and literature, Professor Yuan Zushe, Dean of SPG, Mr. Li Youmou, the secretary of the party committee of SPG, associate professor Shi Biqiu, vice dean of SPG, Professor Zhuang Zhenhua, vice dean of philosophy department, Professor Song Kuanfeng, representative of supervisor, Dr. Wang Wenqi and Dr. Liu Jiabao, representatives of teacher of philosophy department, as well as the new students of this program, attended the opening ceremony, which was hosted by Dr. Wang Jing, lecturer of philosophy department.

At the beginning, Dr. Wang Jing introduced the purpose of this program and recruitment of this year. Master Program of Chinese Philosophy is the first English master program of SPG. This program is a student-oriented program with advanced courses focusing on Chinese Philosophy. It offers students a methodological foundation for studying, including good learning environment and first class faculty. It aims to cultivate senior professional personnel who are well acquainted with basic knowledge and theory of Chinese philosophy. In this September, this program officially began to recruit students, 11 students have enrolled, they are from four countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt and Tajikistan.

Professor Zheng Hairong, Dean of Graduate School, said in her speech that Shaanxi province has a long history and preserve intact traditional culture. The philosophy discipline of Shaanxi Normal University is the predominant discipline of the university. It is well-known at home and abroad for the study of traditional Chinese philosophy, especially for the related studies represented by Zhang Zai. She advised students to consult more professors who study Guanxue and hope them study modestly. She also said that Shaanxi Normal University has Yanta and Chang'an two campuses. Students can make full use of the resources of these two campuses to deeply understand the charm of Chinese philosophy and master the professional knowledge of Chinese philosophy.

Mr. Zhu Weiqiang, director of International Students Office, said in his speech that the International Student Office of Shaanxi Normal University has enrolled students from all over the world every year. This year, "Master program of Chinese philosophy" has been supported by the Xi'an local government's "One Belt and One Road" scholarship, and successfully recruited the first session of students. First of all, he congratulated the students on their chances of continuing their studies. Secondly, he hoped that the students would study their professional knowledge seriously and become professionals who engaged in Chinese philosophy and related research after graduation.

Professor Yuan Zushe, Dean of the School of Philosophy and Government, said in his speech that the philosophy discipline of Shaanxi Normal University has a long history of more than 60 years, as well as a good tradition. The establishment of the "English Master's Program of Chinese Philosophy" is important for our university to promote "Double First-Rate Universities" and "Internationalization". An old saying says "Everything is hard in the beginning": it is very difficult to build the first English master program of SPG. Without the support of the leaders of SPG and without the cooperation of all the teachers of SPG, especially the Department of Philosophy, the program can not run smoothly. "There is no turning back of an arrow once it's shot", Professor Yuan promised on behalf of SPG:(1) to ensure the best teaching staff for students; (2) to provide high-quality management in accordance with the policy of the Graduate School;(3) to guarantee the smooth development of teaching activities; (4) to provide a good learning and growth environment for students.

Professor Zhuang Zhenhua, deputy director of the Department of Philosophy, said that the "English Master Program of Chinese Philosophy" embodies the expectation of all the philosophers of Shaanxi Normal University for the internationalization of Chinese philosophy and Guanxue. Therefore, there is no reason why we can not do this program well. Professor Liu Xuezhi, Professor Lin Lechang, Professor Ding Weixiang, Professor Song Kuanfeng and other predecessors are all models of virtue and studying, they are highly respected. Young teachers of Chinese philosophy are also diligent explorers and researchers. With the cooperation of all colleagues, SPG is confident to make this project a top-quality one.

Scholastica Shefaly Rebarue from Bangladesh, a student representative. She spoke about her original intention of choosing Chinese philosophy and her hope for future. She said China is one of the oldest countries in the world. In ancient times, Chinese philosophers research in deeply on family, values and human nature. This is exactly what she wants to learn from Chinese philosophy. She appealed to all the students of the program to cherish the precious opportunity of learning, devote themselves to studying, and grow together with the program, so as to live up to the expectations of the teachers and parents.

Professor Zheng Hairong and professor Yuan Zushe issued the letters of appointment for external lecturers, Dr. Shi Kai, Dr. Li Yaqi and Dr. Li Zhekai.

Teacher Li Jing of the International Students Office gave the orientation speech about the relevant laws and regulations of China and the relevant policies of graduate school .

Chang'an is rainy, but it can't stop foreign students' passion of learning Chinese Philosophy. The Master's Program of Chinese Philosophy in English at School of Philosophy and Government will open a window to students and make them learn more about Chinese traditional thoughts and culture by providing excellent teachers, employing experts from other schools or universities and creating a curriculum that integrates core courses, special elective courses, practical courses and special topic salons. Students will have all-round and multi-angle views to enter the broad and profound world of Chinese Philosophy.


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