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The School of Philosophy and Government Held the Appointment Ceremony of Chen Bo as Adjunct Professor

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On the afternoon of January 18th, the School of Philosophy and Government held the appointment ceremony of Chen Bo adjunct professor in the college conference room. Li lei, vice President of the school and director (minister) of the personnel department (party committee teacher working department) attended the meeting and made a speech. Personnel department (party committee teachers working department) deputy director (deputy minister) Fan Jing, teachers section chief Xian Lu, Lu Xinshan of the teachers section , college party and government leaders as well as teachers and students representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by President Yuan Zushe.

Firstly, Yuan Zushe introduced professor Chen Bo's academic research field, main academic achievements and academic influence. He said that professor Chen Bo is an internationally renowned scholar, and professor Chen Bo's part-time teaching in our school is a great event of first-class discipline construction of philosophy, which will bring a positive impact on the school and the college. On behalf of the college, he expressed his gratitude to the school for its long-term support in talent development.
Fan Jing read out the decision of Shaanxi Normal University's decision to hire professor Chen Bo as an adjunct professor, and li lei issued the letter of appointment for professor Chen Bo.

Professor Chen Bo expressed his gratitude to the university for the appointment. He said his appointment as an adjunct professor at Shaanxi Normal University is an honor, a trust and a responsibility. He said that he would actively complete employment tasks according to the agreement, and promised to actively work in scientific research, promote international high-level expert academic exchanges, enhance the academic influence of the discipline home and abroad, and play a positive role in discipline construction and talent training of the college.
Li lei expressed his welcome and gratitude for professor Chen Bo's acceptance of our appointment, his appreciation for professor Chen Bo's active commitment to complete the employment task, and his admiration for professor Chen Bo's feeling that part-time professorship is an extension of his work at Peking University. He hoped that the college could seize the opportunity of professor Chen Bo's joining, make full use of professor Chen Bo's academic influence, further improve the discipline development, talents team construction and international level of the college, and make greater contributions to the career development of the school. Li stressed that the college should strengthen communication with the personnel department and relevant departments to jointly ensure professor Chen Bo's services.



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