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“Thirty years after graduation, the true feelings will never change “-- the "Homecoming to Alma mater" fellowship activity for the class of 1987 graduated from the department of politics and education was successfully held

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“Thirty years have passed since I left here
Grey has grown my hair
Time and tide never change my aspirations
Vicissitudes of life never makes our friendship fade away.”

-Selected from "Love -- 30 years Anniversary of Graduation of Shaanxi Normal University" by Dang Wenjun, alumnus in 1987, department of politics and education.

In the summer of 2017, when the sun was shining brightly and all things were full of vitality, Chang 'an has experienced a timely rain to sweep away the hot and dry, making people feel refreshed. Nearly 150 graduates from four classes of Political Education major in 1987 gathered at this beautiful university again with great excitement, and expectation. They shared the unforgettable memories of 30 years and expressed the precious friendship between teachers and students.

On the morning of July 29, the "Homecoming to Alma Mater " activity was held in the lecture hall of section B, Wenlan building, Chang 'an campus. Then the college leaders and teachers' representative Li Fuyun, Song Wenzhou, Guo Xingen, Liu Xuezhi, Jin Yan, Wang Junshuan, Li jian, Ma Yangxin, Wang Jiesheng, the class of 1987 student counselor,Lei Hongzhen, the dean of International business school, Ren Xiaowei ,the dean of school of Marxism, Yan Wenhao, vice secretary of the party committee, QuTao, vice secretary of the party committee and all members of the school of philosophy and government management, each department director and deputy director, teacher's representative and the students of 1987 attended the fellowship activities. The event was hosted by Li Youmou, secretary of the party committee of the school of philosophy and government management.

Professor Yuan Zushe, dean of the school of philosophy and government management, as well as a graduate of the department of political science education, delivered the speech firstly. Yuan Zushe expressed a warm welcome to the students who came all the way to participate in the homecoming activities, and showed his sincere respect to the old leaders and teachers who are concerned about the growth of the school. Reviewed his deep feeling of full of youthful vitality, memorable college life and a fresh aftertaste of twenty years graduation party in 2007, then he introduced to the audience about college in recent years in subject construction, talent cultivation, teaching staff, scientific research, social service, explained the whole new layout of the school. He hoped that the fellows could continue to care about the development of the college and come back home often to offer suggestions for the development of the college. Afterwards, the representative of the young teachers of the college sent flowers to the old leaders and teachers of the department of politics education, wishing the dear teachers happiness, safety, health and longevity.

Kang Shuangcheng, secretary of the general party committee of the department of political science and education, said in his speech: "Although I am a very old woman, I am still very excited to see so many fellows return to my Alma mater. As a teacher, the greatest value is to be together with the students, for the students to teach the truth. It is the greatest happiness for a teacher to see his students grow and become successful. “He said. “Over the past 30 years, the alumni have grown from schoolmates to the mainstay of the country and the society. They have made proud achievements in their respective jobs and made their own contributions to the motherland, the society and the people. I hope the alumni can climb the peak again in their future life, have smooth sailing and be safe and happy. Professor Jin yan, the representative of the teachers, said in his speech: "Today is a memorable and very happy day. For the teachers, the visits and caring from the students make us feel as if we are in the classroom on the first floor, the playground in front of the office building and various activities in the second class. Thirty years in a flash, today, you return to the Alma mater, fruitfully. As teachers, we sincerely wish everyone loyal to faith, perseverance, hard working spirit. Wang Jiesheng and Cao liang, counselors of the class of '87, expressed their friendship and wishes to the fellows by "never forgetting their Alma mater, teachers and students, and classmates". They said that in the 30 years since graduation, the campus environment   and the life circumstances of their fellow students have changed significantly, but what will never change is the pure and liberal campus culture of their Alma mater, the political and educational atmosphere of "devoting oneself to morality and benevolence and helping others", and the true and original heart of the alumni who are attached to the campus and proud of the university. The words of the teachers are words of love, every sentence is love, is the true feelings, but also for the hospital friends a better tomorrow sincere blessing and hope for a better future.

Hou Xian, Zhang Chuansheng, Zhang jun, YanWu representatives of ‘87 class delivered speech respectively, they recalled memories, summarized the past and now, and made prospects about the future and shared their own life experiences and different life situations, at this moment they were all in harmony for deep nostalgia for the Alma mater, the teacher's sincere gratitude and best wishes of classmates. The old teachers also recalled the details of their work and life, expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the outstanding achievements made by the fellows, and proposed that the fellows strengthen the communication and contact with their Alma mater. The laughter and happiness between the teachers and students still as before. 

The one who drinks the water must know the source, One should always keep his teachers in mind when succeed. The class 1987 of the department of politics and education also gave the college a special gift -- The First "Fund for the development of philoloshphy and political talents". Zhang Hongxia, Hu Tianxiang, Chen Yao and Chen Pufang donated RMB 10,000 on behalf of all the fellows in 1987, and Lei Yingchun, chairman of Shaanxi Dade investment group co., ltd. donated RMB 50,000 on behalf of the company to thank the teachers and Alma mater with practical actions and support the development of the college. The "philosophy and political talent development fund" will become a new educational resource of the college, which will play an active role in helping the college to win awards for outstanding students, uniting alumni, inheriting culture, and promoting gratitude education, thus promoting the development of the college. On behalf of the school foundation, President Yuan Zushe signed a donation agreement with Lei Yingchun and presented the donation certificate to the representatives of the donation units. On behalf of the college, Li ye and Liu dong accepted the donation from all the graduates in the class of 1987. The students were deeply moved by their respect for teachers and love for their children. The teachers thanked the students for their kindness and said that they would try their best to bring the "fund for the development of philosophy and political talents" into full play.

Li Youmou in host, said the fellowship activities in the process of teaching history of more than 60 years, the school party committees and administrative guidance and support, relied on faculty successive leadership team solidarity, meticulous planning, pushing and generations of teachers' hard work, Last decades, The politics and educations department was expanded into various subjects. In 2002, the university established the international business school based on the national economic management major and the marketing major of the school of political economy. In 2016, the school of Marxism was independently established based on the ideological and political education major and the first-level discipline of Marxist theory of the school of political economy. All of these are the fruits of the development of the college and its disciplines, and the important contribution of political and educational personnel to the development of the school. Although the school of political economy has been renamed as the school of philosophy and government management due to the adjustment of discipline development, the spirit of political education is the common spiritual wealth of our several colleges. We sincerely welcome you to visit our college at any time, and sincerely welcome you to pay attention to and support the development of several colleges, and put forward your opinions or Suggestions at any time! Welcome qualified fellows to make positive contributions to student internship and employment, innovation and entrepreneurship, teacher cooperative research, achievement transformation, college cultural construction, and the development of fellows. Also specially welcome the fellow students and the relatives and friends to send the outstanding children to the institute, continues this happy love predestined relationship! 

After the meeting, the members visited the campus and the college together and held the "alumni forest" adoption activity. They felt heartfelt pride and pride for the rapid development of the Alma mater. Years of thick ink depicts the magnificent and colorful life of everyone, and to become a political and educational person, to be a political and educational person, is the choice of a life without regrets. Dear fellows, thank you for your kindness; Renew friendship and seek common development. The fellowship activity of "homecoming" came to an end. However, the feeling of gratitude, gratitude and gratitude for the teachers will never change. The true feelings between students will never change. Sincerely wish the beloved old leaders and teachers good health, peace and joy! Wish the dear fellows a successful work and a happy family! The Alma mater will always be the warm harbor and strong backing. Hope you could often go home to have a look, walk together, grow together, contribute to the development of the college, and create a bright future!


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